Pleasure Maps

by Hope Irish

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Pleasure Maps is HI's third full length record, this time backed by The Hometeam.
It is filled with maps that lead to pleasure
can you find the patterns in the treasure?


released January 1, 2016

recorded by Cody Coppin and Matt Howard at Shine Studios in Austin, Tx
mixed by Seth Gibbs at Sweetheart Studios in Austin Tx
mastered by Seth Gibbs at Superpop Records in Austin, Tx
front cover portrait drawn by Nate Ulmer
back cover photo by Jon Chamberlain


all rights reserved



Hope Irish Austin, Texas

Hope Irish is an Austin Texas based musician and songwriter who stumbles the jagged line between slop and pop.

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Track Name: Satellites
there's a place I have heard of
that i never have been
but i stare at her often
through the pixelated glowing screen
the satellites they fly
there's a place i have heard of
and, no, still haven't yet been
but i stare at her all the time
through the pixelated glowing screen
the satellites they fly
Track Name: Motorbike to Syria
i saw you driving your motorbike by
her hair was flying and blonde like mine
she held you tightly from behind
stop driving by
stop driving by
stop driving by

walking down the street to the speedway mart
fell upon my knees when i saw your car
come on
pull myself together, i got something to buy
cigarettes and Gatorade and then i can cry
come on
take a drag remember, I got places to be
that all this melodrama don/t do nothing for me
come on now
some of us got something to say
others just keep running away
come on
gotta keep on thinking, give me something to learn
occupy my head-space, i got passion to burn
come on
some of us are thinking we were born to lose
others come out screaming give me something to choose
some of us got something to say
others just keep running away
come on now
Track Name: New Orleans
the girl with the pink hair
glares from her bike seat
snare drum's rolling
down the empty street
make another block
pass the port-of-call
piss runs gently
down the alley walls
people falling over people
waiting to be called on
Track Name: El Paso
I walked in to find her there
the little white ghost with the short dark hair
i asked if she still cared anymore
she opened up her mouth
and liquid words came pouring out
she said without a doubt evermore

while you're still crying
you know he's trying
to keep me from dying
evermore evermore

when did I turn bitch
when did I stop giving a shit
when did I flip that switch
who knows
El Paso I know
El Paso I know

where the desert's always high
and The Franklins fuck the sky
Thunderbird wont look me in the eye
El Paso I know
El Paso I know

well I'm through crying
and he's through trying
to keep me from dying anymore
Track Name: Sallie Mae
empty wallet
broke down couch
sister callin'
she knows I'm down
got my piano
I got my pen
I hope she don't mind
I'm not answerin'

no news no news

another's callin'
dear Sallie Mae
I beg her pardon
I cannot pay
but just one more question
before you go
are you guys hiring
I'd like to know

no news no news

no news is good news
I wont bring you down
no use for these blues
to keep traveling 'round
no news is good news
from this tired-ass town

no news no news no news

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